Judit Monis, Ph.D.

Vineyard Health Consultant
Vineyard Health Consulting
Servicing Worldwide Wine Growing Regions
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Judit Monis Vineyard Health Consulting provides specialized services to help growers, vineyard managers, and nursery personnel avoid the propagation and transmission of disease caused by bacteria, fungi, and viruses in their vineyard blocks.

Our philosophy is that graft transmissible diseases have no cure once established in the vineyard. Therefore, the only way to avoid disease in the vineyard is to prevent the introduction of disease causing agents in the first place. We know that existing vineyards may already be infected with pathogens that will cause detrimental effects in your vineyard.

Whether you are establishing new vineyard blocks or have a problem vineyard, we can help with expert knowledge on disease management and control.

We are fluent in Spanish and our services are available in other important wine grape growing regions of the world.

Dr. Judit Monis
Phone: (831)346-7034
e-mail: juditmonis@yahoo.com
Centrally located in Santa Cruz County, CA